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   Intratech Control Engineers

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About Us

Our Business: 

Dedicated  services on Spares,  Instrument sales , service & calibration are qualities of our company.

We are a growing company with a team of professionals to provide quality services to the Indian Industries, Research Institutes and Laboratories.

We are associated with some of the best manufacturers ;

Intratech is in the field for supply of Quality Instruments for test   and measuring of  Process, Electrical and Mechanical  installations , Pollution Monitoring in Environment and Ambient Industrial Spares and consumables.

The range of Instruments are :

  • Stack Flue Gases & Ambient Gases with DUST  monitoring

  • Liquid Flow Monitoring with Ultrasonic Flow meters

  • Temperature , Pressure , velocity & volume flow measurement in pipe lines & stacks.

  • Power Analysers (Load Manager) for Single & three Phase systems.

  • Other Test and Measuring Instruments for RH,Light, Boroscopes,Calibrators& range of Water Testing instruments