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  Intratech Control Engineers

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 Our Products

Portable  Gas Analyzers & Gas Detector

Online  Dust Monitors

  •  Exhaust Gas Anlyzer 
  •  Smoke Meter
  •  Single Gas Detector
    Multi-Gas Detector
  •  Handheld Flue  Gas Analyzer
    Portable Coal / Bio Gas Analyzer

 Electrical Measuring / Maintenance  Instruments

  • Electrical Safety Measurements
  • Insulation Resistance Meters
  • Earth Resistance and Resistivity 
  • Power Quality Analyzer/ Active Harmonic Filter
  • Cables, Fault Detection/ Locator 

 Industrial  Video Borescope

 Inspection Camera

  •  Waterproof Video Borescope Inspection Camera
  • Endoscope/ Video Borescope
  •  High-Definition Articulating VideoScope Kit
  • 2 & 4  Way Articulation Borescope
  • Dual Lens Borescope
  •  Rigid Endoscope
  •  HD VideoScope with Handset/Articulating Probe   
  •  Pipe Inspection Borescope Camera
  •  Single Pass Dust Monitor
  • Double Pass Dust Monitor
  •  Online Green House Gas Monitoring System
  •  Online Stack  Dust Monitor
  • Online Water Quality BOD,COD,TDS & pH


  •   Mass Flow Controllers /Meters                      
    Ultrasonic Flow Meter 
  • Compressed Air Flow Meter /Dew Point Meter
  • Electro Magnetic Flow Meter 
Test &

Airflow Meters                      Bores copes                         Cable Tester

Calibrators                             Clamp-On Meters                  Electrical Testers 

Gas Analyzers                             Humidity Meters                    Lab Instruments 

Light Meters                                Moisture Meters                       Multi Meters 

Oscilloscopes                              Power Analyzers                       Power Supplies 

Pressure Meters                Refractometers                   Sound Meters

Stopwatches/Clocks                    Stroboscopes                             Tachometers

 Thermal Imaging Cameras         Thermometers               Water Quality Meters